SCAiLE makes it simple to recognize events and learn at the edge with AI
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SCAiLE is a consortium of leading AI technology providers developing hardware and software solutions for edge and cloud applications. The objective of the consortium is to facilitate the integration of AI-rich capabilities to a variety of devices.

SCAiLE members enable edge-based accelerated learning, deep analysis and massive search across multi-modal datasets including video, images, speech, keywords and sensor feeds.


SCAiLE members will work together to ensure interoperability and quick integration of advanced AI technologies: neural network optimization, hardware accelerator chips and non-volatile ReRAM memory technology (Resistive RAM).

The work of the SCAiLE consortium will benefit the industry by accelerating the development and time-to-market of ready-made, power-efficient, scalable AI computing platforms with learning capabilities for the edge, gateways, cloud and data centers.

Who we are
Crossbar Inc.

Crossbar is the leader in ReRAM technology, enabling data to be embedded with logic or as a standalone memory chip. Crossbar ReRAM lets designers rethink the compute/memory/storage paradigm.

Gyrfalcon Technology Inc.

Gyrfalcon Technology Inc. (GTI) is the world’s leading developer of high-performance, low-power and low-cost Artificial Intelligence (AI) accelerators, founded in 2017 by veteran Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and Artificial Intelligence scientists.

mtes Neural Networks Co.

mtes Neural Networks Co.,Ltd. develops Internet of things (IoT) platform for businesses to monitor energy health, human health, and structural health. It also provides gateway and sensor node solutions.

RoboSensing Inc.

Robosensing Inc is a leader in AI optimization and integration, with expertise in unsupervised machine learning and training, multimodal analytics, and advanced AI computing architectures for edge and cloud devices.

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